For my first weekly creative assignment I decided to expand on the idea we worked on in class and "spell" my name using mathematical functions derived from letter patterns.
My name is Brett, so obviously I started with the letter B.  I started with Size 1 being 12 blocks, then Size 2 I added added 5 blocks for a total of  17, and Size 3 i added 5 blocks again for a total of 22.  From there I could figure out a working function for Size S.  That function turned out to be B=5(s)+7.  The first "letter" of my name, therefore is 5(s)+7.  Next I moved on to the letter R.

Next came the letter R.  I started with 6 tiles to form the letter.  In the next image i added 2 blocks for a total of 8.  In the third iteration i added another 2 blocks for a total of 10.  From there I derived the function R=2(s)+4.  My name at this point is "spelled" 5(s)+7, 2(s)+4....  Next is the letter E.

For the letter E I started with 10 tiles, adding 4 each time.  Size 2 was 14, Size 3 was 18, and so on.  The formula that fits this pattern was E=4(s)+6.  The third "letter" of my name is 4(s)+6

Next came the letter T.  This letter is used twice in my name, but it made no sense for me to actually do the exact same thing twice, so I have 4 pictures and descriptions for the 5 letters of my name.  I started T with 4 tiles, adding two each time so that Size 2 was 6 tiles and Size 3 was 8.  Then I figured out the formula which was T=2(s)+2.  The "letter" T of my name is 2(s)+2.

After making the letters with tiles, and figuring out the math I am now ready to "spell" my name mathematically.  If you were to spell BRETT using this method it would look like this...5(s)+7, 2(s)+4, 4(s)+6, 2(s)+2, 2(s)+2.  


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    August 2013