For my teaching math exemplars i decided to use my blog post entitled "Dicey Dominoes" and my blog post entitled "Finding the Area of a Triangle"
I decided to use the two of these because i think they best showcase my philosophy of teaching math.  As i've mentioned many times throughout this blog, i believe in non-traditional, hands on activities for teaching math, not the demonstration and practice method.  Both dicey dominoes and the area of the triangle geoboard activity teach children math concepts without having them sit and listen to me lecture and then doing 50 problems from the book.  I think it's important that children have fun with math so that they are more open to learning it, and so that it sticks with them in the years to come, especially since my generation relies so much on technology to get them their math answers, and its only going to get worse for children of the next generation.  By teaching the way these two blog posts demonstrate i hope that my student will be a lot better of in the field of math than students of my generation were.

For my doing math exemplars I decided to use my blog post entitled "Statistical Analysis of my Library" and "Letter Patterns"  I picked these because they are from very different areas of mathematics, Algebraic patterns and Statistics.  I also picked them because i thought they showed a good understanding.  With the statistical analysis blog post, i had to gather all the data, arrange it in the proper order, and then apply my understanding of the concepts to get mean, median, and mode, while also explaining how i got them, and showing my work so that if i made a mistake then someone could find out where i had messed up.  In the letter pattern post i showed that i understood that patterns can expand, and also that rules apply to this expansion.  By using different letters of my name, i found different rules for expansions, not just one rule, so i believe that it showed my understanding.  For these reasons, i picked these two blog posts a


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